FS19 – Map Of The Lost Spartan Wip V1

Map Of The Lost Spartan Wip V1 mod for FS19. The map is off some sort of halo ring, yes i know, you should have seen the textures before these. hehe. but again, it’s work in progress, there’ll be alot of updates fixing it up a bit. But while where all staring at are calandars and clocks for Halo infinite on the 23rd i thought this would be a little distraction. Halo infinite demo out on the 23rd by the way. There isnt to much on the map, I put a 3D file of the drednought on the map, it’s solid too! 4 or 5 bases hidden throughout the map. Master chief and another spartan named 234 i think. Miranda keyes. and SOOOOO many easter eggs hidden away for you to find. there is at least 6 or 5 easter eggs. But yep, that’s pretty much all.

Spartan756, Malymodder

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