FS19 – Midwest Durus 55Ft V1

Midwest Durus 55Ft V1 mod for FS19.
Midwest Durus 55Ft (16,5 metros)

Compatible with the following harvesters: John Deere S790, Case Axial-Flow 9240, New Holland CR10.90, AGCO IDEAL (Originals) and Claas Lexion 700 Series (Mod) of Vasilisvasilis31 and MarioRoss, Link: https: //www.modhoster. of / mods / claas-lexion-780-pack – 6 # description

Working width: 16,5 meters.
Side work lights.
Deposit of additional fuel in the trailer (2,750 liters).
Price: € 160.515 (Head) and € 21.892 (Trailer)

3d model: JavierZzS

Textures: JavierZzS

InGame: JavierZzS and Toymatao

Test: iBerModding Team

File Detail:51.3 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Midwest Durus 55Ft V1 Download File

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  1. pagicence says:

    It doesn’t work properly. It skips sometimes. It won’t harvest on same fields, always in the same place. It just passes through the crop, it won’t harvest, but the animation is running. Most notable is on field 11 on the east side next to the road and on field 22 on the north side also next to the road. Also somewhere in the filed 19.

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