FS19 – Old Country Life Map V1

Old Country Life Map V1 mod for FS19.
Ok guys here is the latest map 'Old Country Life". We had a blast making this map and I hope you guys have as much fun on it as we did making it. I am going to carry on playing this map on our server but want to let you know that we have another map I have started work on. It has a lot of forestry on it so should be enjoyed for a larger amount of gamers that like forestry. There have been a few other things added into the map by Johnny and myself and will leave that for you to find them. There also have been sightings of a 'UFO' bolting through the forest, so be prepaired to be spooked if you see it. I added sale points for Ricci global company orchards and greenhouses so you can play with them on this map if you choose so. A mining of Lime in the cave and fertilizer on the plateau was added and you have to buy the land befoe you can mine it. A swamp forest was added into this map.

Cazz64, JNJ mods (Johnny), Perran (Old Aussie Gamer) and JD (Kentuckian JD)

File Detail: 813.3 MB / ZIP
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