FS19 – Old Timers Farm Map V1.3

Old Timers Farm Map V1.3 mod for FS19.
Hey guys, here is the update that was requested for old timers farm.

1. I have added a ‘All liquid storage next to brewery where it will accept and store all your liquid products.
2. I have redone clover so now it can be harvested for sale or to feed your animals. also drops graas for balind etc.
3. All animals feeding is changed so you can feed them some multi fruit like clover, Carrots etc.
4. Seasons mask has been fixed and redone.
5. there were a few behind the scenes fixes as well.

Hi all. Here is updated version set for seasons. I have done a overhaul of trees as requested. If you are not keen on all trees added just cut them down. Thanks to Kentuckian JD, JNJ Johnny and Perran.

Hey guys. I have fixed some small errors and release a V1.1. It was brought to my attention that the animal sale trigger marker was floating a foot from the ground which I have fixed. Also have cut the forest into 2 buy sections. I also divided the large forestry section into 4 sections so you can work through them. The sawmill can now be purchased seperatly.

Ok guys, here is my Old Timers 4x map. I would like to thank Mike Grainger for sorting out map errors along with Papa smurf. Ken from Iconik Upgrades for his signs and flag design. BernieSCS for his MW Hof pack USA edition pack. James Darrell Watkins and testers of the map. This map is intended for all sorts of players. it has small fields as well as large ones. Some can be joined up. I have included all my multi-fruits into it along with corn and soybean textures (credits to NEFG Modding for the textures), Please download Papa smurfs compost orduction on his link below and his multi fruit harvester for root crop if you dont already have one.( You will have to join his website to down load but uts safe).

Thanks to all who took part in helping me get this checked and tested. You use the manure trailer spreader on your fields. The only thing is you cannot have settings where AI helper buys as it spreads on field. It will only work with AI helper as you use it.I added farm silo into the map so no need to unzip any files as this has compost added to it as well. hope you enjoy it. Big thank you to Papa smurfs Compost mod.


File Detail:695.0 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Old Timers Farm Map V1.3 Download File
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