FS19 – Reallifenumbers Us Heartland V1.1.4

Reallifenumbers Us Heartland V1.1.4 mod for FS19.
Added individual growth days for each crop.
Fixed an issue with faulty store prices caused by patch 1.4.
Updated with extra multifruits.

This mod has three main objectives:
To define a game environment mimicking real-life farming in a well-defined area.
To enable players to individualize the game using a simple editor.
To provide a game planning tool for the player who wants to do a pre-game setup.

Model: Kaj-Åge Henneberg/ArmChairFarming
Script: Kaj-Åge Henneberg/ArmChairFarming
Idea / Concept: Kaj-Åge Henneberg/ArmChairFarming
Testing: Kaj-Åge Henneberg/ArmChairFarming

File Detail:4.3 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Reallifenumbers Us Heartland V1.1.4 Download File
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