FS19 – Rogneuse De Souche V1

Rogneuse De Souche V1 mod for FS19.
After an absence of almost a year on farming simulator, here I am again with a small concept of stump trimmer that I pushed a little further than the model I had created for farming simulator 2017 last year already!

Here, the basic function is always the same, that of “trimming” tree stumps, and that, in a completely autonomous way.

Various options are presented to you in terms of in-store configurations, it’s up to you to make your choice.

I installed the tension belt at the “blade only” level, on the trimmer so that it wouldn’t move on your trailer, flatbed truck, or whatever else as a means of transport you went.

A functional light bar as well as all the beacon, flashing type lights, we were installed

2 on-board computers were created more or less identical with the same operation, but the wallpaper changes and some animation inside! Complete and functional dashboard. Day mode and night mode

For more realism in games, I installed hydraulic hoses which twist according to the degree and the inclination given to the trimmer.

The animation of the wood chips, we were reviewed as well as the cutting disc which turns in the right direction of travel this time.

A blade and jacks completely refurbished, always in order to have more realism in games and for the pleasure of the eyes.

2 options are presented to you in the choice of the translation of the trimmer either the model is with wheels or with tracks.

In addition to last year’s model, I made sure that the character can operate the joysticks when he moves the arm of the trimmer.

Multicolored trimmer version of the shader fs 17 and not fs 19 … The choice of colors is unfortunately limited!

There is no error in the log!
There is no warning in the log!
This model is fully compatible for game consoles!
I am the sole designer of this stump trimmer myself aka Dts_Modding.
The model I will post will be an official and unique model in version there will be no other version after this one from me.


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FS19 – Rogneuse De Souche V1 Download File
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