FS19 – Rustic Acres Rus Map V3.1

Rustic Acres Rus Map V3.1 mod for FS19.
Map with production mods built into the map. The only way to access them is to buy the land on which they are located. Then they will appear in the GC. The map has dynamic dirt, as well as support for the seasons. Straw pellets and hay pellets have also been added to the map. Adjusted the amount of grass that you get when harvesting clover Now ducks and calves are added to the map. Added truck and livestock trailers to the map in their own subcategory in the store. So now you can pick up ducks, calves and hens from the dealer yourself. Ducks can only be delivered to a fashion coop at the main farm. If you add a chicken coop to the game, you can load chickens into it only with trailers. DO NOT add ducks to these objects, as this will cause your game to crash. DO NOT use the mod for egg pallets, as this contradicts the egg crates and does not produce eggs inside the chicken coop. The store has a truck for loading pallets on trailers

Posted by: Cazz64
Translation: Dragon-tis

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