FS19 – Valtra G Serie V2.1

Valtra G Serie V2.1 mod for FS19.
The Valtra G Seriec with SIC and some extensions Version Corrected minor blemishes. Many thanks to MB-Trac_Power for fixing it The download of this Valtra G Series and the support for it will only be available here at the LS ZockerStube! All other downloads you can find from him are stolen versions! Giants has brought two really good small tractors with the John Deere 6M and the Valtra G Series in the last few weeks. The tugs are really implemented perfectly. Immediately after the two tugs appeared, Micha set about fine-tuning them and took them both to the Blender. Here, too, the focus is on realism, so that the tugs were given a lot of functions via SIC and various additional configurations. Connected to this are the many small animations that were created, such as the handles of the doors, windows or the release in the footwell for the steering wheel console. That was the V1! The Valtra G got another really big update! Among others from MB-Trac_Power, but also the team sat down again and made changes. A V2 wasn’t actually planned … The Valtra G Series V2 Functions via SIC: 1. Right and left door can be opened 2. Rear window to open 3. Window on the left to open 4. Unfolding and unfolding the rotating beacons 5. Unlock and pull steering wheel console 6. Bonnet to open 7. Interior lighting (This only works when I have light level 1 on!) 8. Trailer hitch can be shown or hidden 9. Ball head coupling can be shown or hidden 10. The front lower links can be folded in or out 11. Front fenders can be added or removed Lots of SIC animations with sound. Many thanks to Ifko (nator) for releasing his “ExtendedAnimationSounds” script New additional animations: 1. The rear hydraulics can be controlled using the mouse 2. Front hydraulics controllable with the mouse 3. Height-adjustable trailer coupling 4. Ball head coupling controllable with the mouse (This is the order that can be switched by pressing the “G” key!) Configurations and extensions: 1. Added Aloe front loader console 2. Configurations of the rotating beacons 3. You can choose whether with or without the original GPS structure 4. License plate installed with license plate lighting 5. Hauer front loader console added 6. Agribumper configurable 7. Another motor configuration added 8. Added more original Valtra colors to choose from 9. Interior color selectable 10. The color of the Hauer front loader console can be selected 11. Rim color can be selected 12. Further tire configurations from: Nokian, Trelleborg, Michelin and Mitas added

Giants Software
LS ZockerStube
modelleicher: Simple IC
Ifko(nator): EAS Script
Ifko(nator): AddConfig Script
puma: Aloekonsole
Bremi 456: Kennzeichen

File Detail: 48.2 MB / ZIP
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