FS2015 – John Deere 3PT Mower Pack


Price 95.000, Req.Power 240 HP, working width 11.8 meters, John Deere F310R , John Deere R870R mower pack for Farming Simulator 2015.

I was looking through the Furrow the other day and saw these and thought they look identical to the Kuhn mowers in Farming Simulator and they are. I exported the model to blender and re-baked the textures to John Deere green. A few other little appearance tweaks and these are looking and working fantastic. Here’s a link to the John Deere page about these http://www.deere.com/en_US/products/equipment/hay_and_forage_equipment/mower_conditioners/front_mount_and_rear_mount/front_mount_and_rear_mount.page? . The prices may seem steep but I got them off the John Deere website so the prices are legit.

john_deere_3pt_mower_pack_01 john_deere_3pt_mower_pack_02 john_deere_3pt_mower_pack_03

Credits: Giants, Bcbuhler

File Details:ZIP / 11 MB
FS2015 – John Deere 3PT Mower Pack Download File

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