FS2015 – New Soil Textures and Colours


These texture files are the result of a combined effort, I have always like Geneborg’s dark soil textures, especially the ploughed one, so after some consultation over several aspects and help from the man himself along with encouragement from BulletBill , I have succeeded in editing the files to create 4 new soil texture sets.

These sets should only be used complete, the files in each folder are named identically but are not interchangeable, not even the ground diffuse file. Each is unique to it’s own folder and colour.I have included the original texture files in a folder so making a backup is not required, just use these to replace the edited files if you do not like these edits.

In order to install these colours for your map’s soil textures you need to make changes to the map.i3d file, it is strongly suggested you use notepad++ for this as it is a dedicated xml editing tool.Unzip your map into a folder and find the map.i3d file (I find that editors can be difficult if used with zipped files).

right click on the file and select edit with notepad++ from the menu.Click on the search tab and select “find” from the drop down menu.A search window will open Into the window type or cut and paste this line <CustomParameter name=”channel1Color” It will then take you to a section of the i3d file that looks similar to this (some numbers will vary, it doesn’t matter)

Material name=”groundDetail_mat” materialId=”123943″ ambientColor=”1 1 1″ customShaderId=”155″>
<Texture fileId=”153″/>
<Normalmap fileId=”154″/>
<Custommap name=”noiseMap” fileId=”156″/>
<Custommap name=”heightMap” fileId=”157″/>
<Custommap name=”normalMap2″ fileId=”158″/>
<CustomParameter name=”dirtAndTextureUVScaleOffset” value=”0.04 0.04 0.1875 0.071429″/>
<CustomParameter name=”alphaBlendStartEnd” value=”75 80 0 0″/>
<CustomParameter name=”channel1Color” value=”0.531 0.3494 0.1989 0″/> …………..this line
<CustomParameter name=”channel2Color” value=”0.7549 0.4707 0.1989 0″/> …………..this line
<CustomParameter name=”channel3Color” value=”0.7549 0.4707 0.1989 0″/> …………..this line
<CustomParameter name=”channel4Color” value=”0.2866 0.1919 0.1023 0″/> …………..this line
<CustomParameter name=”terrainSizeInvSizeScaleXZScaleY” value=”1024 0.000976563 2 0.00389105″/>
<Material name=”UnnamedMaterial” materialId=”2410″ diffuseColor=”1 1 1 1″ ambientColor=”1 1 1″>

The section we are interested in is the 4 lines containing the channel colours I have added “…………..this line” to the end of each one so you can easily identify them.

In each of the folders containing the distance texture files and the ground diffuse file there is also a text file which is specifically associated with the textures in that folder, it is called the colour info file.

It contains the colour code settings for that particular texture set.

Cut and paste the four lines of code into your map.13d file to replace the four lines indicated above with “…………..this line” ( do not add the dots or the phrase “…………..this line” to your map.i3d file, they are purely as a visual aid in this instruction file only to help you see where you should make the changes)

Now copy and paste the seven texture files from the same folder into your ground texture folder (as this folder’s location can vary from map to map, it will be up to you to locate it. In the Chellington extended map the path is ChellingtonExtended\map\textureGround

On the Coldborough Park map the textures are in the ColdboroughParkFarm_2015\map\textures\foliage folder

Other maps may vary.

You should now back out till you are inside the first folder of the map, select all the files (ctrl A) and then right click and select add to “map name.zip” (whatever the folder you are in is called) a new zip file of your map with the correct name will be created in this folder, add that to your mods folder and fire up the game.


newsoil_fs15_01 newsoil_fs15_02

Credits:KimG, Geneborg, BulletBill, Giants.

File Details:ZIP / 20 MB
FS2015 – New Soil Textures and Colours Download File

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