FS22 – Burgenlandkreis Light V1.0.0.2

Burgenlandkreis Light V1.0.0.2 mod for FS22.

Welcome to Burgenlandkreis, a region in the south of Saxony-Anhalt. Adjacent to the Saale/Unstrut wine-growing region.

*No new save is required.

The map was modeled on the region with 2 real villages and 1 fictitious commercial area

-67 fields including meadows
-19 forest plots
-Video cassettes as collector's items (please note that the toy is not collectible)
- Field grass, rye and triticale installed with sales opportunities and further production
-Fruit Destruction 2.0

In the towns you will find:
Farmlands Prießnitz
- Kriependorf cow farm (cows, chickens)
-Schmiedel Farm (cows)
-LPG Prießnitz (workshop, grain storage)
-Sheep enclosure outside the village
-Lime mine outside the town
-Dairy cattle facility (place the manure plate yourself)
-BGA Prießnitz
-Agricultural machinery dealer

Productions/Sales Prießnitz
-Furniture carpentry
-Construction site
-Clothes from the world

Farmlands Janisroda
- Farmer Peters (cows, pigs) (place the manure plate yourself)
-Pig fattening Janisroda

Productions/sales points Janisroda
-Workshop with sales point for motor oil
-Restaurant "Loacal inn"
-Sugar factory
-Pet dealers
-2 construction sites for stones and lime/cement in pig fattening
-Construction site in the village for wood and building materials

Farmlands commercial area
-Logistics hall with mixed pallet production for supermarket
-Solar park
-2 building areas

Productions/sales commercial area
-Gas station with workshop and purchase of motor oil
-oil mill
-grain mill
-cement factory

We recommend the mods
-"MoreTrees" by KR-Softwares (for PC gamers)
-"Platinum Expansion" by Giants
-"Precision Farming DLC" from Giants

-own production building in the construction menu for play and sports turf to place yourself

Now we hope you enjoy discovering the map.

*Caution: A new saved game is required.

-Cement bag pallet collision fixed
-Fixed license and branding errors
-Farm id bug fixed
-Corrected bugs with harvest times and stages
-Yield quantity adjusted
-Soil sample map updated

-new look of maize, canola and sunflower

nop82 and otti-peterle [NO-Modding]

File Detail: 670.2 MB / ZIP
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