FS22 – Cembrowina Aka. Koczkodany V1.1

Cembrowina aka. Koczkodany V1.1 mod for FS22.

Welcome to Cembrowina aka Koczkodany! 1.1 Version!
The map is a converted edition of the fs19 map Koczkodany which was created by Krynix and later edited by Informejtik, Swistak, T25 Connoisseur and Fanatic and then renamed to Cembrowina by Mal7 for fs22.

The map has:
-Two villages (Cembrowina, Bradów)
-210 fields (including 12 meadows)
-One place to build your own farm (farmland 223)
-Custom crop textures
-Custom ground and sowing textures
-Polish registrations
-Kneaded stubble
-Custom lighting
and much more...
(PS. If you don't mind the white sign and the question marks in the air (because I can't remove them) you can play to your heart's content)

I wish you a successful game Mal7!

-Fixed the machine spawn area by the shop - now it's easier to attach a heder to a combine
-Enlarged farmland 223 to make a bigger inn (I will make a savegame + modpack on this)
-Improved the traffic and hopefully it will not block anymore
-Added support for French language
-Added translation (English, German and French) for purchases
-Rename of some purchases
-Removed the possibility to buy farmland 255 (now it doesn't appear)
-Changed the map description in modDesk
-Changed lighting a bit (you have to buy something for it to change)
-Drastically reduced the map weight from 1.23GB to about 951MB
-The entire Tipcol has been changed on the map
-Changed lighting to stantard lighting
-Modified some ground textures
-Map PDA, map icon and map preview were changed
-Corrected some bugs and other trivia on my part
-TrafficSystem was improved
-Added new vehicles to the TrafficSystem
-Changed the appearance of road signs
-Textures of two roads - the main road and the one leading to Bradowo were changed
-Changed vehicle spawning
-(Partially) Removed bug, which consisted in the fact that if you cut a tree adjusted to it, all trees disappeared (except for those at the ends of the map)
-Added MoreTrees script
-Added Czech, Hungarian, Spanish and Romanian full translation.
and much more...

In the V2 version, I will try to add fully functional farms and other trivia.

Mal7, Krynix, Informejtik, Świstak, KoneserT25, Fanatyk

File Detail: 951.4 MB / ZIP
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