FS22 – La Plaine Des Cultivateurs V1.2

La Plaine des Cultivateurs V1.2 mod for FS22.

We offer you our creation with SwissJim.

Redesign of the refreshment bar overlooking the market square
Lowering of village sidewalks.
Renovation of the town hall square.
Renovation of the sports store square located under the large hotel.
Addition of sidewalks and development of the house at the exit of the village.
Reconstruction of stairs and various modifications on the island.
Complete redo of pedestrian routes.
Adjustment and cleaning of roadsides.

This map offers you 2 farms:
The small farm with calves and a curable stable
La Grande Ferme offers you a Large shed as well as all the animals. (Cows and pigs are curable)
There is a Cuma
14 sales points
The train is functional
3 small garden
82 fields
1 cow pasture
1 sheep pasture
1 slaughterhouse
1 cheese factory
3 placeable areas
1 livestock trader

There are bulls, calves, heifer, lamb, ewe, ram, kid, goat, billy goat, piglet, fattening, sow, chick, duckling, duck.
In additional cultivation you have onion, carrot, clover, alfalfa.
With SwissJim we would like to particularly thank Vincent, Jeremy and Ludo.
This card we made comes straight from our imagination and I hope you enjoy it.

franchouSwiss Jimvincent le paysanjeremy16du80LBN43

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