FS22 – Valtra T Series Cvt South America V1.0

Valtra T Series CVT South America V1.0 mod for FS22.

-New system for adding manual 4x4 traction. To find out if the 4x4 is active, just look at the green light on the dashboard. (Remember, it's a complex and different system that makes the most of the game's systems. If the model has no wheels or the front axle is missing, activate the 4x4 system again, which will reset the system.)
-The manual 4x4 system is activated via the Mouse in Animation Group 5 (and also with IC Controls on the PC)
-New internal and external animations added
-Added Animation group locking system on the Z key or LB + Directional Up (XBOX), or L1 + Directional Up (PlayStation) , avoiding animation conflicts between the tractor and attached implements
-Added chassis color
-New colors for the Main color
-Added Nitrogen Sensor (Precision Farming DLC required)
-Flags option
-Numbers option
-Added Optional with new Antenna model
-Giroflex option
-Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Slide Arrows option
-Optional work configuration and forest protection
-Added option to remove the rear fenders in the Fenders option
-Exhaust option now has a different sound for direct discharge, and also the option for turbine discharge sound (in multiplayer this option generates a looping sound which is a system problem, so remove the turbine discharge option if you're playing multiplayer)
-The base engine sound has been completely redone and is now 100% faithful to the real model
-Some options have been reorganized
-2 new front counterweights have been added, with various weight options, as well as being lighter 3d models
-New cane grilles and improved textures have been added
-3d wheel counterweights redone, lighter, optimized and detailed
-All the tractor chassis 3Ds from the cab forward are new 3Ds
-Cap, sides and fenders have all been 3D remodeled
-Interior colors have all been adjusted, separated and with improved materials
-New, more detailed LED bar
-Added animation to the Px radio wire in the interior, now it swings according to the movement of the tractor
-Animation for complete mirror adjustment
-Improved fluidity of animations
-Added air tank and trailer brake lever for optional front grilles, these items being used for work with sugarcane transshipments
-New engine all redone, and with it added animations on the engine's propellers and tensioners
-Fuel Consumption Based on the power range of each option, more powerful engines will consume more fuel.
-Added Passenger (Requires Kubota DLC)
-Corrected Interior Rearview Mirror
-Adjusted Optional Front Loader and added new 3d Supports
-Optional Front Hydraulic now has all 3d redone and readjusted
-Added crossmembers and moving parts to the front axle
-Wheel hubs replaced
-EVERY Wheel Option has been redone, totaling 89 Options
-New RiceWheels tires, now with two new brands with different models (RiceWheels 1 by AgroTonho) - (RiceWheels 2 by AgroMods)
-New Lizard TM95 tires added
-New Extension Hub for sugarcane spacing
-New Cane Spacing option with Wide front axle
-New Lizard LSW Wide Tires (By Custom Modding)
-New store icon
-New Wheels
-IC Controls (Exclusive to PCs) for: Door, window, Start Engine, Raise-Lower-Switch on Rear Fender buttons, Engage and disengage implements, Turn on radio and change stations, Turn on headlights, Turn on Blinker Alert, Turn on GyroFlex, Turn on GPS (Requires GlobalPositioningSystem), Fold mirrors, Fold Giroflex, Steering Column, Change Steering, Engage Handbrake and Differential Lock (Requires VehicleControlAddon), Engage Nitrogen Sensor (Requires Precision Farming DLC), Open Hood, Remove Engine Side Shield, Lower Curtain.

Valtra's T Series range of heavy tractors is equipped with a CVT transmission,
the brand's exclusive transmission for the 195 to 250 hp power range. More robust and with a unique transmission differential for the category, it offers the best power ratio, quality in operation, comfort and technology for South American farmers.
This tractor features customized sounds in all its animations, whether it's when you get in, open the hood, open the doors or lower the front axle.
It also has a much improved cab suspension, flexibility in the roof antenna or the Px, animation to adjust the steering wheel column and the Parasol Curtain.
If you're looking to build a unique vehicle, the wide range of options makes it possible. Build your Valtra for different jobs, light or heavy duty, for working with sugar cane or rice, there will always be an option to build your unique Valtra.

Manufacturer: AGCO Valtra
Model: T Series CVT
Standard engine: CW3 AGCO Power iEGR
Transmission: Valtra CVT
Maximum speed: 55 km/h

Price: U$ 135.000
Power: 195, 210, 230, 250, 280, 320 hp
Category: Medium tractors
Weight: 11t
Fuel Tank: 500L
Wheels: Standard, Standard With Hubs, Wide Tires, Dual Tires, Open Gauge Sugar Cane Tires, Harvester Tires.
Animations: Hand throttle, Manche, PowerShuttle, Light buttons, Warning light button, Monitor, Monitor start-up animation when starting the engine
Controllable Animations: Door, Rear Window, Hood, Sunblind Curtain, Steering Wheel Column Stretch, Steering Wheel Column Turn, Hydraulic Front Suspension Adjustment
Configurations: Fenders, Wheels, Lights and LED bar, GPS, Glasses, Weights and Canopy Guards, Wheel Counterweights, Cab Design, Exhausts (Changes Tractor Roar), Coupler for FL, Engine, Work Configuration, Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Antenna, Numbers, Flag, Nitrogen Sensor (Precision Farming DLC).
Colors: Base, Exhaust Color, Counterweight Color, Wheel Color, Corotine Barrel Color, Chassis Color.


SrVertex, Pedro Amorim

File Detail: 44.5 MB / ZIP
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