Gaz 3309 Truck Spintires Mod

Credits:Author 3d models, textures, transmissiya – (TruckerStas) Author fashion Yuri Eremchuk (byPra) model body “bread” and “mail” from Gta-Sa: StratumX Wheel of GAZ 3309 Sadko: VIRUS163 Wheels of PAZ-32053: Apson Tow addon: Jura Ismailov addons trailers: LetsRockAndRoll Standard addons, etc: Oovee Author textures: yarik_12345 Spintires Gaz 3309 Truck Spintires Mod Download. gaz-3309-truck-sgmods How to Install: Download the Mod file. Extract RAR Files and Change the folders Game shortcuts > Open File Location > Media. Download Direct Link – Hosted by
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