Gazel Next Cityline CCD

Gazel Next Cityline mod for CCD

Drive type: rear
Gearbox type: 5 speed manual; Automatic transmission 5
Maximum power: 107 HP
Max. speed: 110 km/h

- New setting of headlights with more correct glow. Again, not just a "setup", but an innovation - the inner and outer cone of the glow;
- Adjusted physics and brakes;
- Starter sound, both outside and inside the car (innovation);
- Sound of wipers (innovation);
- Implemented a new sound of sliding (and braking) the car on the asphalt;
- Engine sound outside (new sound);
- Engine sound from the inside (new sound);
- Sounds of direction indicators (new sound);
- Turn on and off the sound signal (new sound);
- Sound of turning on / off the engine from the passenger compartment (new sound);
- Sound of engine on / off outside (new sound);
- Sound of fastening the seat belt (new sound);
- Sound signal from inside / outside (new sound);
- Sound of gear shifting (new sound);
- Fundamentally new car physics.
- Raindrops with an appropriate choice of weather;
- Realistic appearance;
- Ability to refuel;
- Working chip "dust from under the wheels";
- Working chip "water from under the wheels";
- Working function "improved room lighting";
- All arrows and indications are fully working;
- Well thought out interior;
- Car textures are made in high quality;
- Realistic interior lighting;
- And many other features.

List of additional extras:
1. Fly swatter
2. Central mirror.
3. Shutter
4. Long shutter
5. Passengers
6. Route 27
7. Route 13


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