Holland Farm Map v1 [MP]

I myself created this folder for everyone is named as holland farm. I’ve tried to make the landscape after approximately in the Dutch. I’m so 2 months spent with this folder. I hope this is worth it for everyone. I hope everyone much fun experiencing in this folder.

In the holland farm folder is much to find and do: standard fruit + potatoes and beet and sunflowers.
A harbour where you can take your bread and beer you can also pick up for you in your silo concentrates at the farm for cows.
A milk factory where the milktruck pick the milk.
A garden center where you can sell grass.
2 farms.
Where the cows come and perform in the stall in the stall.
With the mixed truck.
Barn doors can open and barn doors that open.
A brewery.
At the port you can bring fruit species and in the country all trade.
A shop.
1 villages.
A shop where you can bring bread and beer.
50 large pastures.
A storage for your standard fruit species.
A brewery where you can pick up your beer.
A bakery where you can get delivery and bread.

Made by Mike




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