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How To Install City Car Driving 1.5.1 mods

-How To Install City Car Driving 1.3.3

1) Open the file (or folder) with your new mod. There will be two folders, and data export. Select the data folder and drag in the ModInstaller PRO in cell # 1, the same make and export only the folder is in cell # 2.
P.S. It is possible to select the folder manually, but there is a possibility pertyagivat, this method is added that you could just do the installation from an archive without first “unpacking” archive

2) The theme of which is sure to be downloaded to the code for that would be visible fashion game, paste it to the last cell. Here is some sample code:

Code: Select all
<Car Name=”nu3dell” ABS=”true” AT=”true”>
<DisplayName> Nu3dell </ DisplayName>
</ Description>
</ Car>

ModInstaler Download Proย  : Click To Download

-How to Install Farming Simulator 2011 Mods

Load the picture in any mode where you have downloaded from our site.

Ford 7810 Front Loader Tractor FL before we drop you to install mods thought . Mode by clicking the download link in the Download section here on our site

Copy the file you downloaded and “My Documents / My Games / Farming Simulator 2011 / Mods”folder and paste.

Now let’s open the game click on the icon of the game.If you have saved your game then him, if there is not any game, let’s.”P” key to agricultural store is hurting and “mods” are coming Tab.Tractor Appears to be ๐Ÿ™‚

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