John Deere 1775Nt 2022 V1.0.0.1 FS22

John Deere 1775NT 2022 V1.0.0.1 mod for FS22.

- Wheels / Tracks Configurations,
- Liquid Fertilizer system Configurations,
- Liquid Fertilizer single Disc openers Configurations,
- Hydraulic Row Units downforce system,
- Dynamic hoses for all Row Units downforce cylinders,
- Fixed pressure gauges,
- Vmasks improvements (dirt and wear),
- Normal maps improvements,
- Bug fixes.

Efficiency and flexibility are key to getting the job done right. Get larger CCS and fertilizer capacity and LED lighting to keep
you planting longer with fewer stops. The ExactRate family of components allow you to leverage high-rate liquid fertilizer like never before.
The new ExactRate Tractor Tanks fit within the 8RX Tractor frame and the ExactRatenFluid Transfer System on this 1775NT 2022 seamlessly carries your product,
from the tractor to the planter, and out the ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System into the soil.

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: 1775NT 24-Row 30"
Model year: 2022
Type: High speed planter
Capacity of seeds: 4581 L
Capacity of liquid fertilizer: 2271 L
Price: 368,838$
Working Width: 17.75M (58FT)
Working Speed: 16KPH (10MPH)
Required power: 340HP (253KW)

- Realistic model year 2022 design,
- high-quality 3D models,
- Realistic vacuum air blower Sounds,
- New factory-installed 1775NT tracks system that improve flotation and reduce ground pressure to 13.3 psi,
- Realistic folding animations,
- Realistic high speed planting up to 10MPH (16KPH),
- Realistic sound of animations,
- Realistic speed of folding animations,
- No-Till Pneumatic, Independent Row Cleaners,
- Factory-installed fluid tank hold up to 600 gallons,
- True working pressure gauges,
- Starfire GPS Configurations,
- Rear attachment Configurations,
- Liquid Fertilizer hose for liquid carts compound with Liquid Fertilizer set and Rear attachment,
- All Realistic values,
- All real placed dynamicHoses,
- Flexable dynamicHoses,
- 1:1 Realistic models and details,
- Over 430 moveable elements,
- All proper safety Lables and decals,
- Proper 2022 model year frames and details,
- All FS22 standards,
- Fully UDIM model (PBR Textures),
- Wearable and Wahsable,
- Realistic lights,
- Realistic prices,
- Realistic sounds,
- Realistic particle animations,
- High quality Speculars and Normal Maps textures.

JHHG Modding

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