John Deere Iron (JD4455 and 4255 fixed)

Operating Hours
ES Limiter NUMPAD +/-
Worklights NUMPAD 4 Front/5 Rear
Blinkers NUMPAD 1,2,3
Beacon Press “Home”
Front Lt Press “F”
Add Weights and Duals Press “9″ (each press adds an increment of weight and then the duals)
Edit: Gnftr04
Model: Knagsted
Original Textures: Knagsted
Script: Gnftr04, thanks to Sotillo and PeterJ for making great scripts which I studied and adapted for this mod
Sounds: Taken from Sotillo/Nikk105 JD7710

Download Links :

John Deere Iron (JD4455 and 4255 fixed) Download File

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