KamAZ Driver Map V1.0 Spintires

KamAZ Driver Map V1.0 mod for Spintires.

You are a KamAZ driver, taking on any part-time job, in addition to the fact that you work as a civilian driver in a military unit and in your free time you grab any work. Since the family, seven kids on the benches and the shrew’s wife is always nagging … And now you need to deliver the latest portable rocket launchers from the military unit to the training ground (deployment site) for testing. This is your obligatory work, well, there is also a shabashka, to deliver forests to several sawmills, they promised to pay good money.

On the map:
– I did not count the points of intelligence;
– 3 sawmills;
– 1 location (closed garage);
– 8 vehicles (it seems, including three empty slots for your car);
– 1 refueling barge.

Load four rocket launchers on KamAZ (do not change it at the start!) And deliver them to Comrade. military, then in your own time you can cheat.


File Detail:343.8 MB / RAR
KamAZ Driver Map V1.0 Spintires Download File
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