Knuston farm, Northamptonshire Map For FS2013

Knuston farm, Northamptonshirecover


The map design which is nice. everything tidy. small-sized and muscular computer map.  farming simulator 2013  One of the maps are designed for success.Hello there I have decided to make this map again for LS2013 due to its success in LS2011 and my need for a map that I feel comfortable using, This map has been completely built up from the ground upwards in less than a month. Since the 2011 version it has been made 25 percent smaller, and is aimed for good use to both the single player and multi player.

Credits:Map by: Peter
Various sheds by NI modding
Barbed fence by Solanz
Image By : Sgmods

Note : has been tested and works

File Size : 71 MB

Download Map /Mirror Download

Knuston farm, Northamptonshire Map For FS2013 Download File

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