Krone Mega/Coil Liner V3.9 ETS2 1.41.x

Krone Mega/Coil Liner V3.9 mod for ETS2 1.41.x.

Changelog v3.9:
-Updated for 1.41.
-Added EcoTwin chassis.
-Added more taillights.
-Fixed reflections on forklift bumpers and for addon to remove reflection on curtain.(Thanks to m1keY).

Changelog v3.8a:
-Updated for 1.40.
-Fixed flares.

Changelog v3.7
-Updated for 1.39.
-Added new chassis with steerable last axle.
-Added new wheels with smaller tyre size for the new chassis.
-Added Automotive, Comfort, Variofloor(You must select first the chassis) and XXL body.
-Added new taillights by ONURKULL.
-Added Mitnahmestapler bumpers made by kazan1234.
-Added PALFINGER F3-253 forklift made by kazan1234(Available only when the closed bumpers are selected).To make the scs plates appear on the Palfinger just select the same bumper again.
-Templates for the new body inside zip file, the Automotive template is different from the rest.
-Added more skins.
Paintjob accessory lines for the new parts from v3.7:

Automotive body:
acc_list[]: “body.curtain136a”
Comfort body:
acc_list[]: “body.curtain136c”
Variofloor body:
acc_list[]: “body.curtain136v”
XXL body:
acc_list[]: “body.curtain136x”
Mitnahmestapler bumpers:
acc_list[]: “r_bumper.forklift”
acc_list[]: “r_bumper.forkliftc”
acc_list[]: “r_bumper.forklift2”
acc_list[]: “r_bumper.forklift2c”
acc_list[]: “r_bumper.forklift3”
acc_list[]: “r_bumper.forklift3c”

Palfinger F3-253 plate:
acc_list[]: “palfinger.palfinger2”

Sogard3. kast (Taillights). ValheinXL (Fixed advanced coupling). Abasstreppas (Wheels). Axelrol (License plate mode,flares & round taillights). SCS (Base model from Profiliner DLC). Smyro (Skins). R3AP3R (Skins). schwedentrucker_09 (Skins). vad&k (Manifest file). Donovan (Adjusted brightness on skin number plates, Skins). ReyhanRamadhan (Skins). CARL1992 and Eugene (Fix for OpenGL) . DaviD_SRB (Skins). Niepa (Skins). Adelin (Skins). Hakan (Skins). Alexandru_Andrey (Skins). SiSL (Skin texture). B787 (Skin). My cousin (Sticker texture and company logos). DRON4ik194 (Side doors for body). xXCARL1992Xx (Braces animation).

File Detail:57 MB / ZIP
Krone Mega/Coil Liner V3.9 ETS2 1.41.x Download File
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