Liebherr Guindaste Móvel V

Ai is a crane with virtually all functions of a real es possess limiter hours of operation …. below gives you the keys to their functions (was translated with Google forgive me if something is way wrong and correct me in comments ok!)
StartEngine: Enter (numeric keypad
Rope 8
rope nine
High arm 7 NP
Low Arm NP 4
NP arm extending 8
Retract arm NP 5
Turn arm (right) NP 3
button on the arm (left) NP1
spin rotator (Right) 9 NP
rotator rotation (left) NP 6
rotator swing (after Forne) NP 2
rotator swing (back) NP
Ja to get a sense of how to deal with the beast …

Modell: Gallerie
Texture: mrgrisu
Ingame: Mod-for-all
Scripts: Mod-for-all
Umbau: Mod-for-all
The Order of the author was kept the original link!

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3 Responses

  1. Wellington says:

    I am not able to engage the winch tractors, has some special power or any key you have to push, if the current send me the link please. I’m from Brazil and do not speak English, this translation was made by Google Translate. Thank you.

  2. xrfs says:

    ola como installar no win xp

  3. Pilot2478 says:

    I’m not able to buy it. It says its to big for the shop

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