Logistik Dlc V1.0 FS19

Logistik DLC V1.0 mod for FS19.

The LS19 Mod from HoT San is an early present for my birthday. This logistics modpack has it all. No wishes remain unfulfilled here. Anyone who wants to operate logistics in the LS19 and also the LS22 can hardly avoid this pack. Andreas’ work is terrific and it’s a great honor for me that he kept his promise for a logistics pack. He worked on it for 3 months and now you also get the opportunity to use this pack for free.

– Workshop for trucks with storage hall
– Drive-through hall for large trucks including a truck wash
– Office complex with handling hall for pallets and refrigerated goods
– Gas station to fill or direct purchase
– Liquid tanks as dynamic storage or direct storage
– Fence elements matching the complex
– Automatic gates for the complex
– Billboard for remote detection

The liquid tanks in particular are a great way to store your liquids in large quantities.

HoT online Team

Logistik Dlc V1.0 FS19 Download File
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