Man F2000 Slot Mod V10.2 ETS2 1.49

MAN F2000 Slot Mod V10.2 mod for ETS2 1.49.

Slotmod for MAN F2000
[orange]Autor: EbersdorfGaming
[orange] -Beta-
[normal]version ETS2 1.49

normal bumper with slots
rear bumper with slots

_________interior Slots
_________Cab High Roof slots
_________cab High Roof slots + Bar
_________Cab low Roof slots
_________Vabis Wheel

_________sideskirt with slots (Holland)
_________4 signs

[red]recommend mod for lighttunings:
Talmu pack
Belka Customs


v10.1fixed slots on rearbumper + ad more slots
reworked the custom bumper
added compatibility for 1.49

v10.0added rearbumper with slots
added compatibility for Belkas: mudflaps, rearlights, doubleburner, numberplates and numperplate lights
added Vabis Wheel

v9.0added compatibility for belka interior accessories to use the Interiorlights
added lightbox for High Cap with 4 more slots
added slots for r_mudflaps

v8.1small fixes for 1.48

v8.0added Holland Style Sunshield with slots

v7.0added roofgrill with slots
added more slots for High Cap
added two slots on bumper for mudflaps

v6.0 added sideskirt with slots for 4×2 chassie

v5.0  added more slots for Cab High Roof and Cab low Roof
added 1 new sign (EG-TruckStyling)
adden something funny for the winter time

v4.0added 4 sings [TIR/No TIR/ 60 km/h/ 80km/h] interior slots [jewel plus]

v3.1  small fix for 1.45 and used other names in the menü

added slots for the bottom bar
new icons

added slots for lollypops on mirror


fixed error with daf euro6
added lowroof slots


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