MudRunner Old-Timers DLC Out Today!

Rev-up your nostalgia with MudRunner: Old-timers, the latest free DLC pack for the world’s ultimate off-road experience. This is Mudrunner’s third free DLC, and we can’t wait for you all to get your wheels dirty with a new map, new vehicles, and brand new add-ons!

Old-timers releases today for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch players everywhere. Two vintage vehicles, one with two unique new add-ons, combine with the new Rocky Hills map to give you new reasons to jump back into MudRunner.

Included is the Chevrolet NAPCO 3100, a 1957 model by General Motors with minor modern updates to make it able to handle MudRunner’s treacherous fields. Compatible with a number of existing add-ons, it also brings two new ones: a loaded log cart and a scout trailer that are both exclusive to the new Rocky Hills map.

Also in this update is the GMC DW950, a short-hooded truck from the ‘50s designed for logging expeditions. It works with a number of add-ons from the base game and American Wilds expansion. Though both of these trucks originate from the US and are officially licensed, the Old-timers DLC will not require the American Wilds expansion to install.

The US-based Rocky Hills is a more challenging than normal map, giving all you MudRunner veterans out there a new height to aim for in a new style of gameplay – this map has no garage and an off-road climbing puzzle is the main feature.

We’re delighted to bring you all more content and additions to the game, free of charge, as we build up to the release of MudRunner 2 in the coming year. More news and information about MudRunner 2 will be revealed soon, so stay tuned.

MudRunner and MudRunner: American Wilds are available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The Old-timers DLC pack is also available for free today.

MudRunner Old-Timers DLC Out Today! Download File
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