New Mapa Mexico Extremo Including Chihuahua ATS 1.40.x

New Mapa Mexico Extremo Including Chihuahua mod for ATS 1.40.x. UPDATE! Reform 2.1.1! Chihuahua Beta 5 released. Updated all projects for ATS version 1.40 Which includes general fixes in the project; – Maps updated to version 1.40 of the ATS, with all improvements to that version applied to the map. – NEW FREE ZONES! Extended map, Chihuahua, Camargo, Delicias, Ojinaga, Creel, Basaseachi, Guachochi, Villa Ahumada (coming soon Juarez and Big Houses) – Remodeled areas all over map, general fixes. New remodeled areas in Zacatecas and Durango, review Concepción del Oro, Guanaceví, Jalpa, Jerez, Mosquital, Jes Jesúss Maria and Huazamota. – New areas for PAZZ, Palmspring, Indian, Brewley. – Improved old areas in Sierra Nevada, review, Leevining, Yosemite Valley, Reno, Carson City, Truckee. – Even more optimized maps, now it must work even more fluent, in graphic improvements and performance by SCS. – Flying Object Correction. – Grass correction on pavement in all possible areas. – Correction to hundreds of errors reported by different people over the past 10 months. You occupy the following files in the correct order in the mods manager; Reform 2.1.1 If you use other mods like Promods and C2C; – Reform & ProMods Background Fix – ProMods Canada (any order) -Reforma C2C Compatibility Patch v.5 -C2C v 2.11.13 – Reform v2. 1.1 Oregon, WASHINGTON DLC REQUIRED, NEW MEXICO, UTAH, IDAHO AND COLORADO FOR THE RIGHT MAP WORKING. Otherwise the mod won’t be able to work.

Team Reforma

File Detail: 351 MB / ZIP
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