OMSI 2 Add-On Vienna

The new add-on of the OMSI 2 is the Vienna add-on. A new bus has been added to the game with this add-on, the GU 240 M18. It is 240 HP and its length is 18 meters. The bus’ engine does not in the back or front; its engine is located in under the floor.



To drive this bus you need to install the latest version of the OMSI Add-on Vienna – The High Floor Bus LU 200. To play the game, the minimum requirements are to have Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. You need to have at least 2.6 GHz Dual Core processor with at least 2 GB RAM. The common problem is when users install this update the tutorial 2 shuts down itself, the game freezes when you drive a bus or game restarts itself.


The map is prepared by the company in details even the traffic is too realistic. If you ever did an investigation about the add-on before, you can see that weather changes according to the season. You can see a lot of rain or snow in the fall and winter. You have a new bus line in this version of the game, the well known historic bus line 24A which was active in the year of 2005. Another new feature is the street models and objects which the company added new 350 things. The company created a realistic environment of the Vienna, every street and every corner looks exactly the same with the real Vienna. They audios are totally real too.


If you want to download the game from its official web site the download size is 225 MB and the installations size is about 400 MB. You can also tank at the petrol stations in the game which is totally different from the other versions of the OMSI 2. If you have never played the OMSI series before and you want to play the OMSI 2 Add-On Vienna (The High-Floor Bus LU 200), the company offers you a multi package which has the all series and all add-ons of the game.

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