Omsi 2 – Autosan H9-20-21 Bus Mod


Autosan H9 20 21 Bus mod for Omsi 2.

Model: Coyotek, Ty-154, Nick, Corrections: Helevete, Coyotek Scripts: Ty-154, Coyotek, MR-Software, CraherPL Envelope: Ty-154, Coyotek Textures: ziomek, dalbiev, Ty-154 Sounds: Ty-154, Kacper_IK160P

Omsi 2 – Autosan H9-20-21 Bus Mod Download File

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  1. lch says:

    The playability of the game includes many aspects.

    First is the picture, try to be realistic, dynamic effect is good, this admires the island crisis.

    Secondly, the authenticity of the game, such as the Red Police, can’t let the soldiers knock it out three times. Learn the game of heroes in succession, and the soldiers will not bleed when they hit the tank.

    Third, the style of the game, each game has its own style, more or less a little characteristic.

    Fourth, the operability of the game, too complex and too simple will not attract, too simple to play people do not want to play, too complex for a long time do not understand, lost players

    Fifth, the freedom of the game, now the players generally like high-degree of freedom games, such as Grand Theft Drivers, but if the Emerald Empire every step is prescribed, play is boring, several killings are prescribed, obeyed.

    Sixth, the balance of the game, real-time strategy and RPG games are very important. If the Warcraft Terrans are extremely perverted, who will play other races, then what is the competitive pleasure of the game?

    The seventh game’s playfulness, generally speaking, RPG game is played at most once or twice after playing, and real-time strategy often people will play repeatedly, practice a technology, such a game allows players to improve the process, and support multi-player warfare, increase interesting.

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