Omsi 2 – Ikarus 255-70 Bus Mod


Ikarus 255.70 Bus mod for Omsi 2.

Model: 242, VL67, Laci BAS-953, IkarusSTR, CCV-520 Sounds: BX 59-70, Laci BAS-953, CCV-520, IkarusV134, bocskor3, C56, MR software Textures: 242, CCV-520, IkarusSTR, Routeres Scripts: Nemeza, CCV-520, Laci BAS-953, MR software Authors tuning, used in the model: Chetvert_Veka vavilon4eg59 – tuning for Ikarus 256. Adaptation, residence, “sherstenie” sounds, textures – Kinst. Files with a sledgehammer – by McLaren.

Omsi 2 – Ikarus 255-70 Bus Mod Download File

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