Omsi 2 – Liaz 6212 (2004-2007) Bus Mod

Liaz 6212 (2004-2007) Bus mod for Omsi 2.

Author:Iura_Homyakov (pidrila)
Russian Articulated Bus , Included 2004 and 2007 model .Author says this bus is working OMSI 1/2 but I tested not working OMSI 1(normaly)
Amazing models.
You must upturned T button (up of door buttons) activated electric system and M button working(or turned key with mouse)
Doors button on working in reverse(ex. / button opened rear door) . you must changed button setting
This bus included attachable – deattachable accesory up to driver seat.

Алексей Довгаль

Omsi 2 – Liaz 6212 (2004-2007) Bus Mod Download File

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