Omsi 2 – Jullingen Map 5.0.1

Jullingen Map 5.0.1 mod for Omsi 2.
The Julligen V.5 map has 13 routes. The card is suitable for both lovers of urban trips and for long-distance. The main advantage of this card is that the card is light and does not require a large amount of resources from the PC. Will work on a PC with low performance.

For lovers of very long routes there is a route number 174 from the town of Dzhulingen to the beach Gryuven. The journey time is 131 minutes on a schedule. 

To launch the card requires an addon City Bus O305. 

The map is fully adapted to work on a PC with Cyrillic! 

The archive contains a full description of the routes and an additional description of what was added in version 5.0.1. 

57 – Kielfeld Doreenstr. <-> Derneburg ZOB Uber BAB
76 – Grundorf Nordspitze Bauernhof <-> Einsteindorf Krankenhaus
100 – Werksverkehr ZOB Julingen <-> Meiermannwerke
109 – Grundschule <-> Markt
156 – Kielfeld Doreenstr. <-> Derneburg ZOB
174 Julingen <-> Gruvener Strand
175 Julingen Markt <-> Gruvener Strand
217 – Julingen Markt <-> Julingen Ikea
219 – Julingen Markt <-> Kielfeld Alte Kaserne
223 – Julingen ZOB <-> Grundorf Nordspitze Bauernhof
313 – JVA – Derneburg <-> Hanswill
320 Breverick <-> Gruven
545 – Kielfeld Gymnasium <-> Kielfeld Postamt


File Detail:2.2 GB /  ZIP
Omsi 2 – Jullingen Map 5.0.1 Download File
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