Omsi 2 – Kotsyubinsk Map V1.0

Kotsyubinsk Map V1.0 mod for Omsi 2.

The patch fixes the jambs with traffic detected during the release and contains micro-fixes. Set after a full card installation!

This is my first map, so you can throw me feces, if I did something wrong at all

Kotsyubinsk map is a fictitious map and has
nothing to do with real settlements !

Routes Kotsyubinsk:

1А Railway Station – Center – Agricultural. Univer. – Railway Station (Walks on Mondays-Saturdays in the evening and all day on Sunday, duration ~ 18 min.)
1B Railway Station – Agricultural. Univer. – Center – Railway Station (It goes on Mondays-Saturdays in the evening and all day on Sunday, duration ~ 18 min.) 2 Trolleybus Depot – Agricultural. Univer. – Railway Station (Duration ~ 18 min.) 3 Railway Station – Agricultural. Univer. (Duration ~ 14 min.) 4 Trolleybus Depot – Center – Railway Station (Duration ~ 14 min.) Bus (City): 10 Mzhia Mriya – Plant “Proletary” (Duration ~ 15 min.) 11 Plant “Proletary” – Trolleybus Depot (Duration ~ 13 min.) Bus (Suburb / Intercity): 30 Kotsyubinsk – Andreevka (Duration ~ 9 min.) 31 Kotsyubinsk – Gavrilovka (Duration ~ 9 min.)

32 Kotsyubinsk – Pos. Country (Duration ~ 17 min.)
33 Kotsyubinsk – Sanatorium “Kolos” (Duration ~ 17 min.)
34 Station – Andreevka – Lake (Duration with sludge at the bus station Kotsyubinsk ~ 20 min.)
101 Kotsyubinsk – Checkpoint “Exit” (Duration ~ 25 minutes at a speed of 70 km / h)

Routes Andreevka (City / Suburb):

20 Collective farm – Central Market (Duration ~ 14 min.)
21 Adreevka – Gavrilovka (Duration ~ 9 min.)
22 Andreevka – Pos. Dachniy (Duration with sludge at the Kotsyubinsk bus station ~ 27 min.)

Routes Departure:

5 Depot – Checkpoint (Duration ~ 8 min.) The

map was made from improvised tools and alterations of objects. As the saying goes: what
we have, then we have.

The authors of the objects used on the map: Alex Azarh, Jonpol, Moskur, mmiki26,
Routeres, VKL-Products, etc. The

map is suitable only for medium and strong PCs. Work on weak computers is
not guaranteed!

Copy the contents of the archive into the game folder (for example, D: / Games / Steam / steamapps
/ common / OMSI 2), agreeing to the replacement.

In the HOF folder there is a hof file that you need to copy to the folder with your bus.

ailist custom and ailist standart – folders with ai-sheets. In the 1st case, this is
traffic conceived by me. In the 2nd, OMSI 2 standard traffic. Installation: go to the folder
we want to install and copy it to OMSI 2 / maps / Kocubinsk

Patch download


File Detail:3.1GB /  ZIP
Omsi 2 – Kotsyubinsk Map V1.0 Download File
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