Omsi 2 – Lautern Map 2.0

Lautern Map 2.0 mod for Omsi 2.
Project Name: Lautern V2.0

Lautern – a fictional town in Rheinland-Pfalz! The basis is the environment and the city of Kaiserslautern.
The names of places and street names are real, streets and buildings are fictional.

There are currently 10 routes:
101 – Ruheforst ↔ Socca-Five-Arena ↔ Siegelbach Vogelweh
102 – Betzenberg S0nnenberg
103 – Dansenberg Schillerplatz
104 – Bännjerrück ↔ Friedhof / West / PRE-Park
105 – Schillerplatz ↔ Uni-i-Si
105 Mölschbach ↔ Hauptbahnhof
107 – Casimirring Wiesenthalerhof
108 – Erfenbach Rathaus
112 – Erlenbach Hauptbahnhof
117 – Hauptbahnhof ↔ PRE-Park

Since some lines (lines 101 and 104) have different starting and ending points, there is a lot of variety. In addition, the lines are included in the composition of 103/105 and 106/112 in the composite, i.e. the line is changed.
There is also a shuttle service on the days of the
Bundesliga battle: P + R 1 – Lautern Ost Hertelsbrunnenring transfer traffic ↔ Fritz Walter Stadium
P + R 2 – Shuttle traffic Main station ↔ Fritz Walter Stadium
Here you control the football fans from P + R Hertelsbrunnenring or from the main station to the Fritz Walter stadium at Betzenberg and back after the game.

Additional features:

Chrono events
repainting warehouses for Mercedes O530 / G
26-page detailed installation and operation manual for
metro map
Linear Timetables repainting
route lists Developed by: cc_hardy, DeLautrer, DJ-Raves (repainting and beta-testing), Robin F. and Phil G (beta-testers)

cc_hardy, DeLautrer, DJ-Raves , Robin F., Phil G

File Detail:2100 MB / ZIP
Omsi 2 – Lautern Map 2.0 Download File

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