Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz O405N 1.1

Mercedes-Benz O405N 1.1 mod for Omsi2.
Mercedes-Benz O405NІ is one of the first successful low-floor buses. These versions are built on the body of the Spanish company Hispano Carrocera with the designation “VV II”, identical to the German generation of dashboards. This two-door model was made for bus companies all over Spain around 1998. 20 years later, some of these buses are still in use, while others are sold to other companies, such as Resende, Matosinhos (Porto, Portugal). Now these models are available in OMSI.
They include a unique DataCar ticket machine designed to provide a new and special experience with OMSI. This machine allows you to keep track of all ticket data within your service, change the final stop of each ticket, change the roll of paper for tickets (which will end at some point!). You will need to log in and start / end each trip.
There is also a Tecmic IBIS device with significant updates: login, the ability to start a trip to a destination (using bus stops from the schedule), and a route (reading from the .hof file), the ability to adjust the font size of the matrix (NSS), or text selection on the side panel (BKB).

The archives contain documentation on the buses themselves and creating repaints for them.

Download and install: download two archives from the folder by the link. Unpack the archive Porto_MB_O405N2_HispanoVöVII_v1-1 to the game folder. Then unpack the folder contents of the Patch for shorter bus names from the patch archive into the folder with the installed bus ( OMSI 2 Vehicles Porto_MB_O405N2), confirming the replacement.

Gearbox : Automatic


File Detail:279.2MB /  ZIP
Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz O405N 1.1 Download File

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