Omsi 2 – Starobelsk Map

Starobelsk Map mod for Omsi2.

Starobelsk – fictional map inspired by Russian tram systems.
Now there are 4 routes on the map:
№3 Ivanovskaya str . – 1 quarter
# 4 beacon hill – Academic district
№5 Ivanovo street-Central Park
№1 9 quarter-southern village
The patch replaces the Tatra t6b5 on KT4D (tram appears in depot No. 1 when rewinding time at 0: 0 : 0 )
Put a patch in OMSI 2/maps / Starovolksk.
The card will go to a weak PC.
A pleasant trip!


File Detail:1400MB / ZIP
Omsi 2 – Starobelsk Map Download File

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