Osina Map V1.0 FS22

Osina Map V1.0 mod for FS22.

Welcome to Osina Wielka.
The map is located in Poland in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

Map Offers:
– 2 farms with cows
– 47 arable fields, including 3 meadows
– 2 points of sale
– Shop with agricultural machinery
– A real varied terrain
– Forest
– Missions in the fields
– New crop textures, (Canola) etc.
– Animated gates
– Purchased land
– Own lighting
– Custom license plates
-The ability to build your own farm anywhere And much more….

Important to read:
For the map to work, there is a picture in the package where you need to unpack and paste the alphabet folder to be able to buy machines because custom license plates are added to the map.

I’ll also give the path to the arrays here:
Farming Simulator 22datasharedalphabet
Here you paste the folder from the package, replace and everything works.
Regards and have a nice game.

Didek96 PolishAgroFarm

Osina Map V1.0 FS22 Download File
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