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Transall V2 (airplane)

Description: Hi, this is the V2 of the Transall, now with new gear and propellers animirten … (Yes, you can fly it)! (now with speed information)! control: Key 8: propeller turn on / off...

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Dairy_Air_v1.2 (DLC 2)

Description: This is the Origianl Map, With a much better look, Standard crops Plus Weeds mod and Modified Manure,Great views and better fields, New Sell points for crops..ect and a GardenCentre with all you...

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Jaroszowice Polish Micro Map + Mod Pack

Description: Fantastic and totally realistic maps. The map is small with 8 small fields. The perfect farm with everything you need to conduct a rural household. Standard Fruit + potatoes and sugar beet. perfectly...

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Swedish Farming Map v1

Description:Objects that the farm have: x2 machinehalls x1 sell place x4 farm silos x1 statiolmack x2 other buildings x9 fields Credits empty map by cadaveruk triggers by cadaveruk map by swedishfarm2 Download: Author:...

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Terex 225

Description: spins 360 working hydraulics moving tracks strobe light boom lights and lights on excavator quick coupler Credits: Modele: Fredzaza Texture: Fredzaza Script: Fredzaza re-skin rooroojj13$ Download: Author: ESDESTEK

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Description: I want to introduce you to combine many farmers who will work to accelerate and facilitate the field work. Claas 540 redesigned with multi-fruit minnow. With the same minnow taking all kinds of...

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New Holland Kobelco E245c

Description: This is a reskin of the Komatsu PC240 into the New Holland Kobelco E245c. Credits Modele: Fredzaza Texture: Cam3ron Script: Fredzaza Download : Author: ESDESTEK