Pure Farming 17: The Simulator

The new farming simulator, Pure Farming 17: The Simulator’s first video had been published on the official blog of the developers. As you know Techland is the company which develops the game and every detail about the game including the developer informations and much more news presented to the simulation lovers in the last week. The game had been developed by the Ice Flames which is an independent developers within the Techland company. They announced that the goal of this team was to offer the farming experience to the players with various and unique features on Pure Farming 17: The Simulator with different mods that you can choose to play. In the statement of Kornel Jaskula who is the producer of the Pure Farming 17, it was noted that they are ready to bring the features which players wanted to see in the previous years together with the Pure Farming. purefarmingcolombia They emphasized that they were lack of some features which cannot be separated from the farming simulations and real agriculture. Therefore we can expect that the sense of the realness will be in the forefront in Pure Farming’s this year edition. Have you ever played the Pure Farming before? If so, let us know what do you expect from this new game and what were missing in the previous years maybe you can contribute to the development of the future games with your comments. You can simply share your ideas by leaving a comment to this article to let other see it. Release Date : December 2016
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