Real American Trucks Loading Screens ATS 1.43.x

Real American Trucks Loading Screens mod for ATS1.43.x.

With all the custom loading screen mods having been broken for a year orso I thought it was time to make a working one again. So I present toyou a working one with real life trucks, to replace the in game picturesyou see on the loading screen. I used a couple of pictures from an oldmod and added new ones. The names of the roads and DLC you see in thecorner have been removed completely, so you only see trucks on theloading screen now as it didn't make sense to keep them without the ingame screenshots. The pictures feature trucks currently in ATS as wellas a couple of trucks available with truck mods.

Tested on 1.43 and I have not seen any bugs, but let me know if you have any issue.


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