Realistic Brutal Graphics & Weather V7.6 ETS2 1.43.x

Realistic Brutal Graphics & Weather V7.6 mod for ETS2 1.43.x.

News & Updates:
Renamed Mod Name To: Realistic Brutal Graphics & Weather
New – Heavy Rain Occurence Without Thunders
Added More Types Of Rain Intensity
Tweaks And Rework All Types Of Rain Intensity
Tweaks And Rework The Rain & Water In General
Increased Sligthly Heavy Rain Probability Of Occurrence
Probability Of Thunders (With Or Without) Is Sligthly Higher
General Tweaks In Climate In General
General Environment Tweaks
Corrected Some Colors✔ Further Tweaks The Fog Intensity Ocurrence
Corrected Some Skyboxes & Sun Colors
Other Minor Tweaks And Improvements

Enhanced Weather And Graphics
Full Weather System
Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.43.x
Compatible To Work With Majority Of Maps
Realistic Reflections, Rain, Sun, Lights etc
Realistic Cloud Shadows
Realistic Sun Rays
Realistic Fog, Mist, Haze
Several Types Of Fog Intensity
Realistic Rain
Realistic Rain Intensity
Several Types Of Rain Intensity
Realistic Rain Drops And Windshield Effects
Realistic Rain Effects
Realistic Rain Sounds
Realistic Thunder Sounds (Over 40 HQ Sounds)
Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck
Realistic Water (Sea & Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Beach etc)
Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Truck & AI Traffic)
Several Different Types Of Weather
Several Types Of Sunset / Evenings
Several Types Of Nights / Day
Several Types Of Dawn / Sun Rises
Truck Outside View (Key 2) Zoom In / Out (Mouse Wheel)


Realistic Brutal Graphics & Weather V7.6 ETS2 1.43.x Download File
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