Reality Reshade V2.0 FS22

Reality Reshade V2.0 mod for FS22.

Reality Reshade is a preset I made for Reshade in FS22. It concentrates on many elements to bring as close to a reality blurring experience as possible. Many Colour, tone, and lighting corrections/adjustments. Sharpening in a few different areas with smooth lines kept in balance. HDR without blinding bloom FX. Major contrast adjustments, building custom depth buffers. GPU performance budgeting has been kept in mind. Your displays will now pop at night, sunsets will bring the wow factor, and night lights are epic. No adjustments needed for any environment.

I would recommend a reinstall of reshade if you are already using it to ensure all pluggins are loaded.

Version - CMAA adjustments for better performance.  Hints of banding observed under certain lighting conditions. This has been corrected without losing fidelity.

Version - CMAA removed, HDR FX Removed. Zero to 1-2% impact on GPU. Smoother sky transitions, bloom has been dialed back. More colour corrections.

Version - HDR is back baby!!! We are going full cinimatic. The sun does not give white rays, we are getting the spectrum right. Low on GPU usage, welcome to reality reshade!!!!! Including my shader files just in case, I'm new to this :P


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