Reforma Map V2.5.4 ATS 1.47

Reforma Map V2.5.4 mod for ATS1.47.

Reforma map mod includes challenging roads in North America (the United States and Mexico), improves vast regions in California, Arizona, and Nevada, also adds some states in Mexico such as Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí and Nayarit.

Version 2.5.4
All Reforma projects have been updated for version 1.47, including Sierra Nevada, Reforma Los Altos Beta 1, Reforma Noreste Beta 1, Pazz Mod, compatibility patches, and others.
New zones have been created, remodeled, and improved in California, Arizona, and Sonora, work done by Pazz, which you can see in the following shots. New cities! Puerto Peñasco, Sonoyta remodeling in Sonora, new border crossing between Mexico and the US through Sonoyta and Lukeville, new towns in Arizona such as Gila Bend, Ajo, some improvements to the west of Phoenix, as well as the remodeled city of Yuma. All this new work is completely FREE in this update, you can support Pazz for his work;
New ambient sounds throughout the map (FMOD), many thanks to Blaquichan for helping me over this! This feature was implemented in 1.47. Now you can hear ambient sounds, such as a waterfall or streams when crossing different bridges and rivers on the map. The tunnel echo has also been corrected, take a new ride on the Mazatlan-Durango to hear the new atmosphere, it will be a spectacular ride.
Speed limit corrections have been made on the Mexican map. Now Mexican traffic is back to its old ways, a bit crazy, not always respecting speed limits. Report any errors if you see abnormal traffic behavior.
New tropical palm trees have been added that better suit the map’s ambiance, thanks to Marco Esquivel for his palm models and other objects implemented in the Mega Resources, as well as new models of Mexican-style houses by Marco Esquival and Blaquichan (José Trucking). Soon we will give a more Mexican touch to both old and new cities. Among many other assets that will help us create better landscapes. Make sure to download the latest version of Mega Resources with the same version number as Reforma Map 2.5.4 and Mega Resources 2.5.4.
New bypass road in Aguascalientes, as well as improvements on the 80D stretch between Lagos de Moreno and SLP, Ojuelos, and improvements in the south of the city of SLP in the industrial zone.


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