Reisch RD 80 Trailer

Reisch RD 802

Modell: Börndi
Texturen: Börndi, Katsuo
Ingame: Börndi
Script: Xentro
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Reisch RD 80 can be expanded with two additional constructions and also the filling of seeders is possible.
replaceable assemblies (3 levels), varying levels
Filling of seeders (at the rear)
fully animated
Bel v3.1

Polycount: 32573
Empty weight (kg): 2200
max. Permissible Weight (kg): 8000
Width (m): 2.10
Length (m): 5.00
Maintenance costs: 25/day
Sowing now consume a filled seed

Reisch RDd802

Reisch RD 80

sgmods tested, it works

How To Install Mods:
Downloaded zip file, My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2013> Mods. Folder. Then, by logging in to the game, buy the mod Farm Shop

Download Link               : 4  MB

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