Rocket Base XL Map V1.0 Mudrunner

Rocket Base XL Map mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

The map is NOT “FOR AN HOUR” and NOT “FOR A DAY”, has a size of 1.5×2.5 km and is intended for SpintaersMod! Install the latest version to play (download the spmod launcher, specify the folder with the game according to the instrumentation on the site, RUN THE GAME ONLY FROM THE SPMOD LAUNCHER!).

TASKS at the STAND in the GARAGE.

You are in a military town (settlement Proletarskiy) in the vicinity of the Don-2N radar station. And you again have to deliver different goods.

1. First, you need to refuel the equipment at the start, otherwise there is very little fuel.
2. Then find the garage parts, they say they are somewhere at the missile base, on the other side of the river. You may need a more powerful technique to haul them).
3. Then you have to finish building bridges and lay pipes to open the other three garages.
4. The local warrant officer asks to transport 4 missiles from the launching position to the military unit in the town – and this will require even more powerful equipment. Look around the radar station for fuel and repairs. In payment, you will receive 2 boxes of vodka on the market for free – do not forget to deliver them to your settlement near Kuzmich in the forest.
Oh yes, the ensign allowed you to take a military boat for a ride on the lake. Do not miss the opportunity – maybe you can open any intelligence points)
5. Well, civilians also ask a bunch of things to haul. Pumpkins – 40 pcs. From the village of Mosty, at the construction site behind Proletarsky – slabs, blocks or bricks – 20 pcs. total, potatoes and milk 2×5 pcs. from the villages of Glyadovo and Molochnoye, 2×4 boards for boats – for the village of Sherbino, a bathhouse next to the church on the farmstead behind the swamp – 2×4 cylindrical logs, etc.
6. Finally, you need to overtake the Cossacks from Proletarskoye – find them all and drive them to the garages in Korsakovo and to the building materials warehouse.
7. Finally, you need to deliver the wood to the sawmills.

Own cargo is transported in bulk. Do not forget to install NH and Tatra – needed to transport stones. (installed automatically when subscribing to the card!) For help with the passage – use the stand with the map in the garage!


Rocket Base XL Map V1.0 Mudrunner Download File
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