Scandinavia DLC New Cargo and Trailer Types

80 new cargo type. Many new trailer type, is added to the game. Euro Truck Simulator 2 New Cargo and Trailer types . Animal transportation, construction materials, Scania truck plant products, trucking, raw materials, food, clothing, such as new trailers.

newcargo-and-trailer-types-for-scandinaviadlc_05 newcargo-and-trailer-types-for-scandinaviadlc_06 newcargo-and-trailer-types-for-scandinaviadlc_01 newcargo-and-trailer-types-for-scandinaviadlc_02 newcargo-and-trailer-types-for-scandinaviadlc_03 newcargo-and-trailer-types-for-scandinaviadlc_04

Games Release Date: 8 May 2015

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