Small Farm Extended Back to the roots

This is the extended Small Farm from Showgunn84, thanks by the way i got permission to do it. Good i will try my best with the description, ’cause i’m German. There is a lot changed and new details in this map.
With all standard-fruits there are also Cotten,Greenwheat,Sunflower,Soybean,Potatoes and Sugarbeet. You can sale it on the hill nearby the potato-and sugarbeet-silo, where is also a bale-elevator, at the Esterhazy-Mill (which is a fantastic work from siraly0211) or at the habour, which is in the very south of the map but for the long way you get the best sale-prices.
At the small farmhouse by the dog kennel is a balehall where you can store(sale) big amounts of bales. And I think you will need it, because I wrote greenwheat,cotton and soybean into straw-produktion,like wheat and barley, but there are new textures for the straw from me.
The Extention of this map goes througt the mountains over a brigde to a multi-silo, a forwarding, a BGA, the mill and the harbour. At the forwarding is the new vehicle-dealer and your bought stuff is placed there.
You will find a lot nice details, as new sounds, spec. at the small lake with the fisherman, 2 mudholes, and from time to time there apear some bottles to collect(the bottle-container is at the farmhouse. This map gives you as well the opinion to add new bigger fields (plough) or the space to add new objects by yourself.
Now, what i have to say is, there are for sure some german-words in this map like kartoffeln or zuckerrüben(potato,sugarbeet) fo example but i hope you can handle it and have a bit fun of it.

Giants Software GMBH
Map – Showgunn84



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