SnowRunner – Build The Best V1

Build The Best V1 mod for SnowRunner.
A large assembly of mods includes.

Unlocked improvements. Everything is available from 1st rank.

Slightly enlarged gas tanks depending on the class of cars and their functions.

The mod does not break the game component !!! Not too easy game! He just fixed a number of flaws.

Winch mod included. They are 2 times longer and autonomous.

The volume of freight trailers and modules has changed.

Low loader – 3 slots. High goose neck – 4 slots. Semi-trailer ramp 16 wheels instead of 8 improved patency.

The trailer – (Module) with kungur now has 500 liters of fuel, 2500 repair parts, 6 reserves.

The trailer – (Module) service now has 2500 liters of fuel, 500 repair parts, 6 reserves.

The Big Service module now has 5000 liters of fuel, 1000 repair parts, 10 reserves.

Small tank – 1000l, Tank – (Module) – 5000l, Semi-trailer Tank 7500l.

Editing – Scouts – the increased tank 200-250l, the increased wheels on 1D. Purpose of transport – Territory exploration.

Editing – Shoseyniki – enlarged tank 375-425l, increased wheels by 1D, Added all-wheel drive, Added constant differential, All have their own suspension. In the roadways, they translated – Navi star, Zikz, Step 310. Purpose of transport – Transportation of all types of semi-trailers on flat roads to transshipment points.

Edits – Freight – increased tank 400-450l, increased wheels by 2D, Translated into freight – ANK M38, Raven 3 species, Raven Grad – added tires from Taiga, Taiga. The purpose of transport – Freight, the work of an onboard trailer with a mini crane, transportation of goods using a trailer.

Edits – Cross-country vehicles – the increased tank 425-475l, the increased wheels on 2D. All-terrain vehicles are transferred – Caterpillar 114, Freightliner m916a1 – The steering is also fixed, A crane for performing support has been added. The purpose of transport is the transportation of trailers, stuck cars, repair and refueling of vehicles.

Edits – Heavy – increased tank 500-550l, increased wheels by 2D. WS 6900 and Azov 42-20 added new tires, four-wheel drive, differential, rear wheel steering. In the process of translation – Azov 73210 fixed suspension, added tires, increased wheels by 3D. Cat C745 container ship carries 4 cargo (2 containers or 1 oversized) Kolob – suspension levels, raised clearance and slightly increased wheels! The purpose of transport is heavy mowing, transportation of oversized cargo!


The installation path is something like this !!! We drop in the folders Games SnowRunner en_us preload paks client Replace the initial ones with the downloaded one !!!!


File Detail:541.2 MB / ZIP
SnowRunner – Build The Best V1 Download File
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