SnowRunner – In The Village Map V0.0.1

In The Village Map V0.0.1 mod for SnowRunner. If you once lived perhaps with your grandmother in the village and love the countryside, then the map is for you! Complete immersion in the countryside, forest, swampy terrain will immerse you in an interesting adventure that will take you to the very end! There are a huge number of tasks on the map that will not make you rest. You will have to repair bridges, clear debris on the road, repair pipelines, pull out and repair cars, as well as much, much more! Map size 1600×1600 On a map: 1 Garage (you will need to restore the bridge) to get to it There are gas stations on the map that need to be restored under the contract 1 car at the start, plus there are paths that can be found. A lot of contract tasks and assignments. RECOMMENDATIONS: At the beginning of the start of the contract “the First truck” Summer map. Additional information: The map is in “alpha testing”, the map is large, you can’t keep track of everything, so write what bugs you found, what you would like to add / remove. Many more tasks will be added to the map soon. At the moment, there are about 30+ tasks, including the transportation of large loads. We expect an update from the developers, where they will introduce support for “localization”, i.e. it will be possible to translate tasks into several languages, so those who need, for example, English, will see tasks in English, at the moment tasks are written in Russian, as soon as they enter “localization” there will be support in several languages. They will also introduce support for “Regions”, it will be possible to “glue maps” and make several maps in the region as in the official game. This will increase the number of tasks and opportunities for their implementation. At the moment, the map is implemented by about 90%, there will be visual improvements, as well as new tasks.


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